Case Study
Brika Landscape

Client Brief

Another one of our London based clients, Brika is a professional landscaping company helping its customers enjoy greener pastures.
Even after operating for over 12 years in London, Brika Landscapes had no digital existence. Altin Brika, one of its directors, came to us wanting to change that. He required us to do everything from designing a logo and creating his social media pages on all relevant platforms to running the companies professional emails and creating t-shirts.

Our Approach

Our biggest challenge came with the realisation that the company, being manually operated since its inception, had no structure of information. This meant we had nothing to proceed forward with. But satisfying a client is our top priority. So, we reached out to their past and present managers and conducted interviews to gather information to learn more about their business and operations.

The approach to their problem seemed quite simple but required a lot of work. We decided to start from scratch and gave their brand image a complete overhaul.

The project was first assigned to our graphic designing team to create a logo for Brika that not only reflected their nature of business but also showed their expertise.

Once that was out of the way, the social media, content and web development teams were brought in to work co-operatively on creating the client’s digital entity. While the content team kept busy writing plagiarism free, unique and engaging content, our social media team had already begun introducing Brika to the digital world through different social media platforms.

Web development team also had their hands full with designing and developing a unique website that represented the landscaping business in all its glory.

The Result

Altin Brika loved the emergence of Brika Landscapes on the digital world so much that he decided to hand over the responsibility of managing all their social media and website to us. With our constant and continuous efforts, Brika Landscapes transformed into an online brand with a large number of leads already coming in through digital means.

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Heading: Welcome to Brika Landscapes

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