Case Study: Media Keys

Client Brief

Media Keys is a media exchange agency operating in more than 16 countries and has run campaigns for brands like Armani and 21 Forever. Caitlin Dillon contacted us from the UK offices of Media Keys. She was looking for a new look for the brand and needed to expand the company’s website with pages providing detailed information about their teams.


The true challenge we faced with Media Keys involved tackling the higher ups in the company. Every time we submitted a sketch it went through a number of decision makers none of whom shied away from sharing their opinions and thoughts on it. As a result, our inbox was daily filled with tens of emails from the upper management of Media Keys. This caused delays in the progression of the project. So, we reached out to them and asked them to select one of their best people to represent them to us with their ideas and thoughts.

Our Approach

Working for a huge company like Media Keys was a challenge for us. We knew satisfying a client of their caliber wouldn’t be easy. But what good would we be if we weren’t the masters of our craft?
While our web development team conducting meetings to collect the needed data for their website’s new pages, our graphic designers experimented with a few different colour palettes.
After a few days of hard work, both the teams hit the jackpot. The creative minds of our graphic designing team designed the landing page that was an absolute representation of Media Keys business. And with all the data in their grasp, our web development team had started development on the new pages for their website.

The Result

We managed to deliver outstanding results on both the jobs well before the deadline hit and established a long and lasting relationship with them.


We have worked with a diverse range of companies and our dedication to each client along with fantastic-looking digital presence is why we are one of the leading design companies in UK.