How to Prepare for a Corporate Board Seat Interview

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You’ve been working hard to get an interview for a corporate board seat networking, preparing your profile and elevator pitch, advising your professional networks of your interest in board service applying for and getting the desired interview. You should be proud that you’ve achieved this milestone in your board journey. But, the interview is only one of many steps to take in your journey to affordable software options for nonprofits securing an executive board seat.

The interview gives the company a chance to see if you are able to add value to their organization and help them meet their the strategic goals. In the course of the interview, the company will ask you questions regarding your experience and background to assess your leadership skills. They might also discuss the style of the board and how you can work with existing board members.

You must be prepared for your interview by knowing what your unique value proposition is (BVP). You must know what makes you different from other candidates and how this can benefit your board. This BVP should be at the forefront of your mind throughout the entire interview. It is also important to be aware with any potential conflicts of interest you might have that might prevent you from becoming an official member of the company. This will help you respond to the interviewers’ questions in a more informed way.

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